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Make It Snow Inside Your Baltimore Apartment!

A cut out paper snowflakes on a table with a pair of scissors next to it suitable for decorating an apartment.

Welcome back to The 501 Blog! It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the to-do that is caused by the December holidays, so we are taking our readers back to something simple — snowflakes! Decorate your Baltimore, MD apartment with an array of snowflakes, just the thing to introduce some wintertime fun to get ready for the holidays without going all out. Today we’ve got tips and directions for making a variety of snowflakes, so pull out the scissors and paper and let’s get started.

How to Make 6-Pointed Paper Snowflakes

If you’re a little rusty when it comes to making paper snowflakes, this clear, concise tutorial will help you create beautiful snowflakes in 11 illustrated steps. It all begins with a square of paper and a pair of scissors.

3D Paper Snowflakes with directions from Wikihow

These snowflakes take the fold, cut, and unfold concept a step further. With a little more work you can have a 3D masterpiece. Make some of various sizes to hang in your windows or from the ceiling.

Snowflakes from Cardboard Tubes

From the blog: “The process is pretty easy. Each of the tubes are flattened, cut into 1 inch segments of different lengths, and then spray-painted white (or whatever color you prefer). The different size loops are hot glued together to make the snowflake shape.”

Paper Snowflake Window Curtain

Paper snowflakes can look beautiful in your apartment windows as holiday curtains. Follow this tutorial to create a winter wonderland to hang in your window  — a curtain of ice — without the chill.

Clothespin Snowflakes by Stephanie Lynn

These snowflakes bring an old-fashioned feel to holiday decorating. They can be made as a plain and simple ornament or you can add glitter, feathers, or other bits and pieces to jazz them up. Use them as gift toppers, tree ornaments, or even hang them on the wall.

Lace Snowflakes from the Aunt Peaches blog

Lace is lovely to look at, but we don’t often get out grandma’s lace tablecloth for everyday use, so perhaps it’s time to use it as the basis for a family heirloom. This blog teaches you how to make beautiful snowflakes from lace (get yours from a thrift shop if you can’t bear to cut up grandma’s tablecloth!).

We look forward to seeing how you decorate our apartment community with snowflakes this month! Next time we’ll be sharing tips for celebrating New Year’s Eve, so stay tuned.