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Managing Social Media


The 501 Blog, Baltimore, MD  Screens are a big part of our lives; from paying rent to providing information and entertainment, we turn to screens. Learn about managing screen time in today's post.

Welcome back to The 501 Blog! Today, we’ll be talking about the effects of social media and how it may be affecting members of our apartment community. Social media is a huge part of our lives. From smartphones to home automation, we rely on the convenience and quick flow of endless information daily to inform and entertain us — some of us even use it to pay rent. On top of all of this, we use technology for social media. But is all of this too much?


Research has shown that overusing social media can lead to greater feelings of social isolation. One study from Psychology Today found that “participants who used social media for more than two hours a day had twice the odds for reporting perceived social isolation than their peers who spent less than 30 minutes on social media each day.”  


We have some ideas for how to cut down on the time spent on social media, and how to have more meaningful interactions with others.

  • Use mobile phones to communicate, but don’t let them rob you of the opportunity to have face-to-face conversations and interactions with others. In fact, a good practice is to put away your mobile device at mealtime, during family time, and when you’re doing something socially.

  • Engaging with others through social media is fine. Just be sure to plan to spend off-screen time together. Plan activities that don’t allow for phone use; for instance, go climb a rock wall or work out at the gym, play board games that require your full concentration, go swimming — simply put away your phone or tablet and engage with others.

  • Set up the night time feature on your phone when you go to bed so you won’t be distracted from getting to sleep by texts and phone calls. Use this feature during other times too, when you need to be able to focus on the task at hand.

  • Use screen time as a reward for yourself after you accomplish a task. During the workday, put your phone in a drawer — “out of sight and out of mind” can be a helpful reminder.


We hope these ideas will help our residents manage their social media consumption and be more aware of the time spent online. We invite everyone to take time to reconnect with nature and the real world right here in Baltimore, Maryland. Thanks for reading today’s post.