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Start a Book Club at The 501 Baltimore Apartments

The 501 Blog, Baltimore, MD Apartments  Start a book club this summer in our apartment community. We have tips for how to get it organized.

We hope you are enjoying life at The 501 here in Baltimore! Summer has arrived and summer reading may be on your mind. This month we have a few tips to help you start a book club right here in Baltimore at our apartment community. Learn how to host a book club in your Maryland apartment this month and read a book or two before June is through. We have what you need to start and organize a book club with your friends.


Choose a Genre


Choose a genre and stick to it. Fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, fantasy, and graphic novels can make for great book club genres. Once you’ve chosen which genre you will be reading, find a group of friends and neighbors who enjoy that genre as well. Have group members nominate and vote on which books to read each month. If you can’t find the time to nominate and vote on the books in person, make a Google Form for your book club members to fill out.


Get on Goodreads


Goodreads is a great resource to help you choose and review books once you’ve read them. Have members of your group create Goodreads accounts so you can check out what each member of your book club is reading and what they thought of it. You could also have each member of your book club write a Goodreads review before you talk about your book for the month. Check out what rating each member of your book club gave each book (Goodreads uses a one- to five-star rating) before you discuss.


Choose a Discussion Leader


Nominate one person to lead the discussion. The discussion leader can bring up interesting questions, referee debates, and keep the conversation on track. While you definitely want to spend some time catching up with other members of your book club, you should also carve out time to actually talk about the book you’ve read. Your discussion leader will help you keep on task and on track.


Be sure to add some food and drink to the evening. Do you have any book club tips for us? Let us know in the comments. Next time we will have some summer reading suggestions, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading our post!