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Writing a Review for The 501


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Reviews have become a way of life in the age of the internet. We read reviews before we make a big purchase, choose a restaurant for a special meal, or sign a contract for a service. Reviews can be a helpful tool when you are looking for an apartment too. Today The 501 Blog has some guidelines for writing a review that we think will be helpful for members of our apartment community here in Baltimore, Maryland.


Why Write a Review for an Apartment Community

There are several reasons for writing a review, perhaps you want to express your satisfaction of your living space or perhaps you are not happy about an amenity in our apartment community. You may have a comment about the neighborhood you want to share. It’s about information, and who has better information about The 501 than the people who live here? People who are looking for a place to live rely in part on what others have shared about the experience — so do future neighbors a favor and write a review.

What to Include in an Apartment Community Review

If you’ve read any online reviews for products, goods, or services you’ve probably noticed that they range from helpful and informative to vindictive and ridiculous. So when you write a review keep these tips in mind.

  • Stick to the facts. Strive to be specific, detailed, and objective. Present your experience as clearly and concisely as you can.

  • Refrain from name-calling and vitriolic language in your review. Removing the emotion and sticking to the facts, give your review more credence to the reader. It is also more likely to receive a response offering a win/win solution.

  • Take care when you are writing to use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Sloppy writing devalues what you are saying, even if your point is valid. For example, even if you feel strongly about something, using one exclamation mark is sufficient.

  • Be balanced in your review. Granted there may be some issues you are bringing up, but also offer the positives in the situation.


We hope this blog post is helpful to our residents, and invite member of our apartment community at The 501 to take a few minutes and submit a review. Thanks for reading our post today! Next time we will share some tips for evaluating reviews.